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Hydroponic Recirculating Deep Water Culture System with Root Spa. (4) 5 Gallon Buckets + 1 Control by H2OToGro

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Manufacturer Description

This recirculating system includes: (4) 5 gallon modules with 6" Net Pots (1) 5 gallon Control Module with lid, 15L 4-port air pump (Qty:1), 4" round air stones (Qty:4), air line and water line harness (Qty:1), module return lines, 400 gph water pump (Qty:1), starter kit of hydrocorn and rockwool growing mediums, Nutrient Start-Up kit, and Instructions. This system requires no tools and only a small amount of vegetable oil to assemble. This is a Recirculating Deep Water Culture system with root spa in each module. This system circulates the nutrient-rich water throughout the system drawing from the bottom of the modules and feeding through the top of the modules. This ensures nutrients are constantly maintained at the optimum levels and never get a chance to settle on the bottom. The growth rate on a hydroponic plant is 30-50 percent faster than a soil plant, grown under the same conditions and the yield of the hydroponically grown plant is also greater. Hydroponic plants have fewer problems with bug infestations, fungi and disease so fewer or no pesticides are used on the plants.

Product Features

Oxygenation ~ Each module provides plants with highly oxygenated and nutrient enriched water that circulates below the plants for the best results and minimal effort. This oxygenation helps increase plant growth and speeds plant development. Plants can grow faster and larger in a DWC Hydroponic system compared with soil grown plants. "Blackout" modules with custom lid ~ Light entering the grow module encourages algae growth so this system is designed to keep light out of the modules. Deep Water Culture ~ The roots are suspended in the reservoir beneath the net pot(s). The roots bathe in an oxygenated, nutrient-rich solution throughout the entire grow cycle.; which increases yield and reduces grow time. RECIRCULATING ~ Oxygenated, nutrient-rich water is constantly circulated throughout the system ensuring that the heavy nutrients do not settle on the bottom. The solution is drawn from the bottom of each module to the control module where it is then recirculated to the top of each module. The roots are suspended in the reservoir beneath the net pot and are constantly watered with and bathe in an oxygenated, nutrient-rich solution throughout the entire grow cycle. Garden hose drain adapter ~ An exclusive feature not found on any other system. The H2OToGro system uses the existing water pump to flush the reservoir through the included garden hose fitting. Simply connect the garden hose, swap the reservoir lines and plug in the pump. Perfect for systems in confined areas, the ability to connect a common garden hose makes reservoir changes simple and convenient.

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