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Sentima Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher, 2.5 Inch 4 Piece Zinc Crusher for Weed, Tobacco, Spices

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Manufacturer Description

It's Time To Get Grinding

This high quality hand grinder has been designed specifically for those who enjoy freshly ground herbs and spices.

Its heavy duty construction makes this four piece rotary grinder a real must-have tool around the kitchen. Use it to grind whole spices such as cinnamon, sage, cloves, rosemary and more, or use it to grind marijuana buds and tobacco leaves. This herb crusher also makes an excellent pepper mill as it quickly and finely grinds peppercorns.

The interior features 50 sharp teeth, one triple row of teeth on the cap and 8 additional teeth around the circumference. For your convenience, the four piece design makes sure that no bit of herb or spice goes to waste. A fine mesh screen and pollen catcher attachment catch the powdery kief or tiny particles of herbs and spices to be used at a later time. Flip the cap downward to ensure your ground herbs stay contained in one compartment or flip it up to allow the fine bits to fall into the pollen catching chamber.

This herbal grinding system measures 63mm in diameter and the large size ensures that you are able to best grind the most amount of dried or fresh herb in the shortest amount of time. It is made out of a supreme industrial quality zinc alloy and weighs a whopping 190g. Now, that's a heavy duty herb grinder!

Why do herb lovers, weed smokers and spice fans prefer our herb grinder?

- Four Piece Design
- Heavy Duty
- Premium Quality
- Portable & Easy To Use
- 50 Sharp Grinding Teeth
- Strong Magnetic Closure

Well, what are you waiting for?
Whether you will be grinding tobacco, weed, herbs or spices, this big grinder with pollen catcher has got you covered.

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Product Features

FAST AND FINE GRIND Quickly grind up all of your fresh or dried herbs with this premium quality herb grinder by Sentima. Crusher with 50 diamond shaped sharp teeth, one triple row of teeth on the cap and 8 additional teeth around makes your grinding faster, more consistent and smooth. INCLUDES 4 PIECES These magnetic grinders for weed with keef catcher consist of four components: the cap, the body, a mesh screen and a pollen catcher. Little pollen scraper tool included. Strong neodymium magnets and thin poly ring between the cap and the body for smooth grinding and less friction. EASY TO USE Four piece grinders by Sentima take the trouble out of dry herb grinding and are incredibly easy to use. Just put your herbs into the top chamber, close the lid, and start grinding by twisting the top piece several times to the left and to the right. Turn the grinder upside down for a finer grind. CONVENIENTLY PORTABLE Each metal tobacco grinder is portable, which allows you to take it with you while on the go. HIGH QUALITY Our large spice grinders measure 63mm in diameter and are made out of a heavy duty zinc alloy.

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